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Laurent Contamin
auteur, metteur en scène, comédien
Six spectacles contés à jouer partout
Juby, Le jeune Homme Paul, En attendant Dersou , En pure Perte, Signé Kiko et Les Murmures de Haute-Claire  en tournée "à la carte" (musées, théâtres, bibliothèques, établissements scolaires, à domicile...)
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Un clic, un texte
in english
In the garden shed of a house in a residential suburb, schoolchildren find a baby. Who is he ? Where does he come from ? What should be done ?

Why is the apple tree so small ? Why does the yew keep its leaves even in winter ? Why are some beeches purple ? What are the stories of the animals that live in the oak at night ?

Laurent Contamin received two separate university  degrees in two very different disciplines : science and the theatre. (...)


Tomorrow, at dawn, the demolishers will come, and the old lighthouse will be destroyed... / published by L'Ecole des Loisirs

 A scientific comedy for young audience, that gives some explanations on brain's functions / published by L'Ecole des Loisirs

Two plays to question identity : identity of a couple, identity of an individual.


Mali, Mali, the murmur that sings between my lips, strolls in the air before being blown away,
in june, Mali, your very name while I look at the town fading away

At the bottom, right at the bottom, shapes, figures (...)


We met under the appletree

This bird on the branch...


Two letters wait in a postal train... They decide to jump out of it and make their way... A family play published by Lansman.


Puppets, the rule breaking beings, were presented by travelling and spectacular people for a long time. 


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